Rhodes is called as Bride of sun centuries now because of the 300 days of sunshine every year. Rhodes is an amazing mix of Great history, excellent landscape, lovely climate and top life style. Having one of the few alive medieval cities in the world Rhodes is unique and can fulfill every dream.

Facilities like marina, golf court, casino and a lot of good restaurants and bars are placing together the pieces of an amazing holidays puzzle.

The island itself has a variety of landscapes with a long coast line going east and lovely green mountains on the west part of it. A windy part on the south end of the island is the right destination for people who love wind and kite surfing.
A lot of historical monuments like the acropolis of Lindos and the castle of haraki and kritinia together with the old monasteries can fill up lovely excursion day.

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Symi island is a traditional treasure keeping the Greek island architecture really high.Its a part of Dodecanese and there is ferry connection 3 times every day during the summer with the speed ferry within 45 minute from Rhodes.

Symi has a lot of isolated beaches that you can discover and enjoy. Symi is an inspiration place for poets writers and painters as well. Traditional buildings make you feel that you live in another century!

We will be there to assist you and make your stay in Symi an unforgettable one.Our services include

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