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Exclusive Waterfront in Symi

€ 890,000
Purpose Sale
Room(s)4 baths, 5 bedrooms
Area 320 m2

Property ID | BPS 200 |

This “one of a kind” waterfront villa in symi is ideally located just on the water’s edge with perfect orientation straight to the sea!

This villa is one of the very few that has a spacious internal garden with trees and amazing spaces for lovely breakfasts, BBQ ‘S with friends or even sunbathing!

Living room, dining room and kitchen are sharing a really large open area with a lot of big openings that look straight to the sea.The full sea view together with the lovely sunny light that invades and covers the whole space make us truly feel that we live in a piece of art  with major theme the sea and the sun!

Bedrooms are cozy and spacious offering unlimited views of the sea and the picturesque scenery of Symi and making even the moments that we close our eyes unique.

A Special place in this lovely setting is taken from the exclusive captain’s bedroom which is  on the highest level of the house and with its big  sea view windows makes us feel that we conquer the sea every moment.

This elegant waterfront villa in Symi is ready to offer unique emotions and feelings! Discover them!

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