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8 bedroom villa for sale.

€ 700,000
Purpose Sale
Room(s)2 baths, 2 bedrooms
Area 560 m2

This lovely elegant complex is just a breath away from the lovely beaches of Gennadi Rhodes!
Laying on aplot of 4000m2 this 4 unique indepedent villas composealovely conceptfor large familiesor for people who would like to compine unique summer living with a great investment .
Each house has2 bedrooms an 2 bathrooms,lovely terraces and a great pool!
This villas complex is offering 10% turnover per annum through rental that BLUE POINT is already doing for the owner!
Special architecture!Excellent orientation!Top construction Quality!
Let us be your guides on thet lovely trip!
Contact us in order to assist you through the wholeprocedure of purchasing a property in Rhodes and becoming a part of the Rhodes’s fairy tale summer moments!