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Lindos’s traditional Sea View Epitome

€ 2,800
Purpose Rent
Room(s)2 baths, 4 bedrooms
Area 140 m2


A historical traditional villa, a masterpiece of Lindian arcitectural style  that is considered as one of the very few of its kind with the most amazing views in Lindos bay is offered for first time on the rental market.

This lovely 4 bedroom property with 2 amazing full sea view yards facing both the lindos bay is ready to offer great moments of relaxation to you and your beloved ones.

The great external spaces with pebbled floors full of trees and flowers are ideal during the whole day according to themove of the sun for luch for dinner or even for a lovely bottle of wine during the sunset!

The building was renovated with full respect to the traditional architecture and offers a great level of living according to the period that was built so if you are looking forward in cooking in an oven working with gas or washing the dishes in a traditional marbel sink and having dinner or lunch with one of the best views in lindos you just found the right place !

The bedrooms most of them with full sea views and all with pebbled floors offer build in traditional wooden beds and high ceilings so sun is invading lovely and makes your holidays even more bright!There are aircondintion units or fans in all the rooms.

So yes we can clearly speak about the Epitomy of tradition in Lindos!