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Luxury meets Lesvos island

€ 3,900,000
Purpose Sale
Room(s)6 baths, 5 bedrooms
Area 500 m2


On the Greek island of Lesvos, Standing on its own on a picturesque bay, in the heart of a vast olive forest, this villa is a high end luxury villa, in a unique location. The modernly designed villa comprises of 2 floors and a lower-ground level with 5 bedrooms and 6 full bathrooms, totaling over 500 sq. meters. The villa is situated in a 4000 sq. meter of garden and terrace garden, featuring a half size Olympic pool, jacuzzi and a private pathway to the sea and floating dock. Villa Yerra is just 30 meters away from the Aegean seafront and 25 minutes away from Mitilini Airport Due to its superb location, Villa Yerra offers the possibility to anchor any sized yacht in any sea condition, in tha bay, right in front of the property. The Villa’s water supply comes from its own well. Villa Yerra comes fully furnished and equipped with top of the line appliances and amenities.
Construction was completed in the Summer 2014.
The villa has been constructed to the highest standard using the most luxurious decor, fittings and fixtures. The interior is furnished with contemporary high end furniture and bright decor. The huge living space is extremely well equipped with the latest technology. This includes satellite TV, high speed Wifi, security alarm, oversized kitchen appliances, BBQ. Each room has its own temperature controlled a.c through a central system.
Contact us in order to discover it!
The infinity pool is catered for both professional sports training as well as recreational swimming. The water is 40% sea water and 60% sweet water. There is no need to add any chemicals as the pool system produces a natural chlorine effect from the salt of the seawater. Just by the pool there is a vast Jacuzzi that can accommodate up to 10 people.