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Property in Medieval Town

€ 320,000
Purpose Sale
Room(s)3 baths, 2 bedrooms
Area 129 m2

BP Property Icons

Property ID | BPS 505 | 

The medieval town of Rhodes is a protected from UNESCO world heritage monument and one of the very few globally that people have the right to purchase a property and live in.

In the small narrow streets with  exclusive elegance, that is coming together with history of centuries, a lovely  newly build 2 storey house is offered ,as it is the perfect investment for those who want to live on Rhodes or for those that want to have an excellent income and an overvalue to the following years .

The construction quality is excellent as  traditional architecture was followed and top quality materials were used  all hand crafted. A spacious sunny yard with a well is there ready to offer us unforgettable moments while enjoying  lovely meals with family or  friends.

The 2 spacious bedrooms and the 2 lovely living rooms with the handcrafted stone arches are offering  great quality of life and unique feelings from the time of  Knights.

A great “success story” ready for fulfilling the dreams  of the most demanding investors!

Discover it!