The island of the sun god boasting 300 days of sunshine each year one of the largest and most beautiful of the Greek islands offering a wonderful mix of history and culture with its UNESCO Medieval old town the largest in habited old city in Europe and the prestigious village of Lindos one of the most visited places in Greece with its pedestrian only narrow streets dotted with white washed house leading to the crowning acropolis.

The lush forests and historical buildings, the friendly traditional villages and the ancient ruins, with the Aegean sea along the rugged west coast perfect for the kite surfing paradise and the Mediterranean along the east and south coast with some of the most beautiful long sandy beaches, secluded bays and wonderful scenery.

Rhodes after a lot of major infrastructure is on the final level of completeness (new marina, 2 new golf courts, new road network) together with its location (2,5 hours of flight away from most of major European airports) is making an amazing come back in the real estate map.

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